Core Activity: Log Endorsement

About Log Endorsement & Transportation Department

Log Endorsement and Transportation administration is the core business of the company. The primary purpose of the log endorsement is to ensure that logs have been royalty marked under the reservation quota are moved to the designated mills for processing within Sarawak and log for exports are moved to the export point accordingly.

The inspection tasks are carried out at source or also known as Collection & Distribution Centre (CDC), mills and export point.

If the log inspection is satisfactory, an Endorsement Clearance Certificate (ECC) will be issued to timber licensee and timber processor.  

The ECC is a pre-requisite for the issuance of Removal Pass Transit (RPT) by Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC). Inspection of logs at mills and export point are carried out to ensure that the logs are the same logs that have been inspected at source or CDC.

HTSB also issue shipping pass and land transportation pass for conveyances transporting logs within Sarawak. Under Section 64(5) of Forests Ordinance on the transmission of logs, only conveyances registered with HTSB are allowed to transport logs within Sarawak. The objective to this role is to ensure only logs that had been inspected/endorsed by HTSB earlier ae loaded into the conveyance and delivered to the designated destinations.

In addition to the above roles, HTSB is also appointed by Director of Forests to issue Export Clearance Certificate (ExCC) to Master of Conveyance carrying export logs under Section 64(7)(a) of Forests Ordinance 2015 Cap. 71. This is to ensure that the logs for export do not includes part and parcel of reservation quota logs for local processing.



The Process

1.  Verification of Registration

HTSB will first verify the registration of the following before proceed with log inspection:

  1. Timber Licences
  2. Timber Processors
  3. Shipping Companies
  4. Land Transportation Companies
  5. Location of Logpond and Export Point


2.  Monitoring through Intelligence Harwood Endorsement Information System (i-Hendis)

All the following information will be monitored through i-Hendis:

  1. Monthly production volume of each licensee.
  2. Logs royalty volume.
  3. Export logs movement from source / Collection & Distribution Centre (CDC) to export point.
  4. Logs movement for local processing from source / Collection & Distribution Centre (CDC) to designated mills in Sarawak.
  5. Movement of Vessels and Land Vehicles Transporting Logs within Sarawak.


3.  Log Inspection Process

Log inspection process involves the following:

  1. 100% sighting of Log production Identity (LPI) and Log Tags at one end of the logs.
  2. 10% sampling checks on the following:
    1. Log Serial number - Correctly recorded on Log Tag.
    2. Log Production Identity Number - Correctly corded on LPI tag.
    3. Measurement (when necessary) - Correctly recorded on Log Tag & Log Specification Summary (LSS) / Log Specification Form (LSF).
    4. JH mark - Clearly seen at the end of the log.
    5. Property Mark - Clearly seen at the end of the log.
    6. Species - Correctly recorded in LPI tag & Log Specification Summary (LSS) & Log Specification Form (LSF).