Effective Report Writing Skills by The Training Hub Sdn. Bhd

On the 10th & 11th May 2016, a training workshop on Effective Report Writing Skills was held for the staff of Harwood Timber Sdn. Bhd. from the headquarters as well as from Regional Offices. A total number of twenty-five staff took part in the training workshop which was facilitated by Puan Nur Hidayah Mohd. Seni, from The Training Hub (M) Sdn. Bhd., a professional trainer who has more than eight years of vast working exposure in organizational development of various service sectors.



On the first day, all the participants were divided into groups of six to seven and were asked to come up with a group name, logo and their thoughts on challenges of writing a report. In the next session, a representative from each group was then asked to briefly present the group’s output from the previous task. The facilitator then enlightened all the participants with the correct report structure and all of them felt content with the explanation and they managed to apply the new knowledge to their next task which was a brief report writing with a presentation in a group of two. To be able to communicate clearly both internally and externally, report writing is an essential skill for both the individual and the business and it is a key factor in determining success. It is also a career skill that can make a huge difference on how the individuals are perceived within their fields.



On the final day, the training workshop proceeded with a reflection session where the participants, working in groups, were asked to design and present charts as well as hand signs containing all the inputs taught in day 1. The next session proceeded with a task given by the facilitator, Puan Nur Hidayah which was professional report writing on any topics inclusive of group presentation. Rewards were given to the best group and speakers and the training workshop ended successfully where all the participants were fulfilled with beneficial tips and tricks of a report writing and presentation.