Pre-Sarawak Log Grading Rules (SLGR)

 On 7th March 2016 until 9th March 2016, the first session of Pre-Sarawak Log Grading Rules (SLGR) was conducted this year in Sibu Regional Office.The objective of the Pre-SLGR training is to equip the Log Inspectors with the skills required in timber grading, species and measurement based on the rules made by the Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) or PUSAKA in coordination with the State Forest Department and the Sarawak Timber Association (STA) before attending the SLGR course scheduled on 14th March 2016 until 1st April 2016.


The three-day training was facilitated by En. Mohd Zaini Dris from STIDC. There were 12 Log Inspectors who attended this training from Head Office Kuching, Regional Office Sibu and Bintulu.

The Pre-SLGR Training consists of 3 parts:


Day 1 – Theory learning

Day 2 – Practical at the mill

Day 3 – Revision and SLGR Mock Examination



For starters, the Pre-SLGR Training began with theoretical learning about general information on Sarawak timber species classification, system of measurement, defects and grade specifications. Apart from emphasizing on the calculation formula, measurement method and grade specifications during the theory learning session, the Log Inspectors were also taught on the right technique to fill in the SLGR grading form correctly.



On the second day of the training, the log inspectors went to Subur Tiasa Holdings Bhd (sawmill) for practical session. This practical session required them to apply what they have learned during the theory learning session. This hands-on training provided more understanding on log measurement system, logs defects, and grade specification to the log inspectors. During practical training, log inspectors were divided into three groups. This is when teamwork plays its role where it enables them to correct one another on the measurement method and other errors made by group members. Overall, the participants successfully showed their understanding and were able to apply what they have learned.





The final part of the training program was the theory revision and mock SLGR examination to test their understanding on the log grading system. This is to ensure that the log inspectors are familiar with the questions format and whether they have acquired the right technique to answer the questions correctly. Overall during the Pre-SLGR Training, the log inspectors gave full commitment and attention to what has been taught. HTSB wishes all the best to our Log Inspectors for the upcoming SLGR.