Budaya Kerja Cemerlang December 2015

Course was held on 11th December 2015 until 13th December 2015 at Kem Belia Kemuyang Sibu. This was the final session of Budaya Kerja Cemerlang Course conducted for the year of 2015 . There were 53 participants from all Harwood Timber regional offices and head office who attended the course. All participants were exposed to interesting and challenging activities to build up their good teamwork spirit, critical thinking and good ethical values to be applied in their daily life.


Day 1

The first day of the training began with an ice breaking session among the participants. All participants were asked to form six groups and each group had selected their leader, created a mascot and a motto for their group respectively . This was applied to show that every group shared the same goals , and will work together under one entity in order to achieve their goals .



Day 2

The second day of the training began with morning exercise and activities in the class . They were taught on the importance of being excellence at work . Besides that , they were also taught on being grateful and were assured to improve their selves spiritually and physically . Meanwhile in the afternoon, an outdoor game was conducted . The activity was to test their teamwork spirit and required their physical and mental ability to solve problems . The training session continued in class where more activities and games were conducted for the participants . The purpose of the class was to overcome problems which can be applied at work .




Day 3

The last day of the training also began with morning exercise and final activities in class. All participants were taught on the value of communicating .


In conclusion, all participants enjoyed every session of the training . Throughout the training it can be seen that each group and its member has their own strength and ability to be contributed to the team in the activities conducted. We hope that all participants gained all of the beneficial and important inputs from the training .