Wood Anatomy and Identification & Log Grading Refresher Course

The second session of Wood Anatomy and Identification & Log Grading Refresher Course was conducted on 27th September 2017 until 29th September 2017 in Sibu Regional Office. The training was held for three days and was facilitated by En. Mohd Zaini Dris from STIDC.

There were 31 staff comprising of log inspectors, supervisors and executives from Endorsement & Shipping Department who attended this training. The objective of the course is to ensure that the skills and knowledge of timber species and timber grading among log inspectors are regularly updated and remained relevant.


The WI & Log Grading Refresher Course consisted of 3 parts:

Day 1 – Theory learning on Wood Anatomy & Identification

Day 2 – Theory learning on Log Grading

Day 3 – Practical at Sawmill & Examination




The refresher course started with theoretical learning about general information on classification of Sarawak timber species and the characteristic of wood on the first day of training. All the participants were given a few samples of wood and are required to determine the species of wood by using hand lens.


The second day of training started with theoretical learning about system of measurement, defects and grade specifications. Other than emphasizing measurement method and grade specifications during the theory learning session, the log inspectors were also taught on how to fill in the SLGR grading form correctly.


On the third day of the training, the log inspectors went to Subur Tiasa Holdings Bhd (sawmill) for practical session. This practical session required log inspectors to apply what they have learned during the theory learning session. Practical training provided more understanding on log measurement system, logs defects, and grade specification to the log inspectors.


During the practical training, the log inspectors were divided into three groups. Working in group enabled them to learn from another the correct method of measurement system as well as correcting each other when any one of them made mistakes. Overall, the log inspectors showed their understanding and were able to apply what they have learned.


The final part of the training was the revision of theory and WI & Log Grading examination to test their understanding on log grading system. Throughout this training, participants had given their full commitment and attention to what has been taught.