Long Service Award & Children Education Incentive Program

In Harwood, Long Service Awards recognize that an employee has served 20 years of time. The long service award allows the Harwood to thank the employee for his or her 20 years of service and given to those who has been servicing and contributing to Harwood.

On the 11th of April 2018, Harwood Timber has organized a short gathering to celebrate the 20 years of great achievement of its employees and also to present cheques for the excellent students in SPM 2017.

The gathering was attended by our Executive Chairman, Ybhg Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Bujang Bin Mohd Nor, General Manager of Harwood, Tuan Haji Abdul Hadi and Harwood Management Team.


Encik Medos receiving his LSA certificate from YBhg Executive Chairman, YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Amar Hj Bujang B. Mohd Nor.


For the second quarter of 2018,   there was only one recipient for Long Service Award of 2018. He is Encik Medos from Harwood Sematan. He started his service in Harwood as a daily paid worker at Harwood back in 1998.

For Children Education Incentive Program in Harwood, there are 5 children that obtained excellent result in their SPM 2017 compared to three children in SPM 2016. Two of them are from the headquarters and another two children from Bintulu and one child from Sarikei.


SPM  Results for Year 2017



Staff Name


2017 SPM Result



Tuan Haji Abdul Hadi

Muhammad Anas Bin Haji Abdul Hadi




Encik Abang Jashmady

Dayang Zulaika Binti Abang Jashmady




Puan Faridah

Fatin Nur Azzirah Binti Ismail




Encik Timin

Abner Bin Timin




Encik Morzaidie

Nur Athirah Binti Morzaidie



Executive Chairman presenting cheque to Tuan Haji Abdul Hadi’s son, Muhammad Anas. He scored straight 9A’s in his SPM 2017 examination.


Executive Chairman presenting cheque to Encik ABG Jashmady and Puan Sh. Arfiah’s daughter’s daughter, Dayang Zulaikha. She scored 7A’s in her SPM 2017 examination.


On the same day, Harwood took the opportunity to bid farewell to two of our practical students from Politeknik Sarawak. Miss Elya and Mr. Danish have been with Harwood for the past 5-6 months at MIS Department helping Harwood with our iHendis and new system called HAS. We hope that both of them will get excellent assessment from their lecturer and congratulation in advanced for graduating. The gathering ended with a group photo and light refreshment prepared by KOHATI.


To many more great achievements and excellent result in the future!