Christmas & New Year 2017 Celebration

Christmas  is a major celebration that is celebrated all around the world and Harwood is no exception to this.  It has been a  culture in this organisation  that  mutual respect , regardless of employees’ belief and faith are upheld harmoniously and  a well known fact that this organisation will celebrate all Sarawak major celebrations  including Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Gawai Dayak.



On January 6th 2017 ,  a gathering was held to celebrate the New Year of 2017 , followed by the celebration of Christmas Day . A total of approximately 80 employees were present at the Endorsement and Shipping Conference Room . Executive Chairman , YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Bujang Bin Mohd Nor and General Manager , Haji Abdul Hadi bin Datuk Haji Abdul Kadir attended the event .



The gathering began with a doa recital by Encik  Abang Jashmady bin Abang Shukori of  MIS Department followed by the opening speech by General Manager , Tuan Haji Abdul Hadi Bin Datuk Abd Kadir . Tuan Haji expressed his best wishes to those celebrating Christmas and he thanked the staff for their hard work , dedication and endless commitment throughout 2016 and expects 2017 to be a better year and more meaningful for everyone .


The Harwood Children Education Incentive cheque presentation was concurrently carried out during this event . A total of four students who had achieved excellent results in their PT3 examination in 2016 received their incentive cheques from YBhg Executive Chairman . The Harwood Children Education Incentive Program held annually and initiated since 2001  , was organized with a purpose of inspiring and rewarding Harwood staff children to excel in the field of education. Listed are the names Harwood staff children who had obtained excellent results in their PT3 examination in 2016 .



Staff Name

Children Name






Encik Mahathir Bin Abu Bakar

Muhamad Zikry B. Mahathir




Puan Nor Amiza Sufie

Auji Nur Izzati Bt. Abd Mutalip




Puan Masnah Bt. Bujang

Muiz Shahida Bt. Muiz Zainuddin




Encik Hamdan Bin Halidan

Nur Aifa Zafirah Bt. Hamdan









Encik Musa Harbi

Mohammad Indra Khuzzaimi




Encik Musa Bin Amin

Izzah Athirah Bt. Musa









Encik Ibrahim Teh

NuurQurratu Aini Bt. Ibrahim




Before the end of the event, a multimedia presentation was presented to the audience,  reminiscing memories and events held in 2016 and the hope of a better 2017 to come.