Public Speaking Competition 2016

For a second year in a row , Harwood Toastmaster Club has organized a Public Speaking Competition among the staff children . The Public Speaking Competition was held on the 10th of December at Harwood Conference Room . Unlike last year , one more category was added to the category . It was the open category mainly to encourage Harwood staff to participate . Nevertheless the event still served as an ideal platform for children to challenge themselves to talk in public as well as to encourage them to practice English in their everyday life .


Participants of the lower primary ( Category 1 ) with the respected judges


This year , there were 13 participants for all 6 categories . The active participants mesmerized the audience with their vibrant oratory skills especially those in Primary category .  Mia Zakrina Binti Mahathir became the champion for the first Category with her mesmerizing story telling skills delivering her speech entitled ‘ The Little Red Riding Hood ‘ . This year was her second year participating in the event . Meanwhile , for the second category , Nur Ainin Sofiya Binti Saifulbahri  won the first place with her speech entitled ‘ My Friend and I ‘ .



Participants of the upper primary ( Category 2 ) with the respected judges


The Suffian’s sisters , Aisya Nabila and Syafiqah Nazirah won the first place in their own respective category , lower and upper Secondary . Aisya Nabila was seen disgracing the value of money and how it dominates our everyday life . ‘ Does Money Make The World Go Round ‘ seemed to be the favorite topic of the day since two of our participants were speaking on the same topic .


Participants of the lower secondary ( Category 3 ) with the respected judges


Participants of the upper secondary ( Category 4 ) with the respected judges


Meanwhile Syafiqah Nazirah convinced us that ‘ Laughter is The Best Medicine ‘ was really an eye opener topic . With confidence and strength Nur Syaza Binti Abu Bakar won over the judges’ heart with her speech entitled ‘ Poverty is a state of Mind ‘ . This year was her second time competing in IPTA category as well . Hamadhafiz Bin Hamzaini possessed exuberant skills over the topic ‘ Health is Wealth ‘ . He single handedly convinced everyone in the room on the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle .


IPTA Participants ( Category 5 ) with the respected judges

Towards the end of the event , the chief judge , Madam Rebecca D’cruz mentioned her appreciation and admiration towards Harwood Toastmaster Club efforts in conducting such event that nurtured the children’s capabilities and provided intellectually simulative atmosphere among them . She also hope that this event will be a continues tradition for Harwood to be held annually . 


Harwood Staff that  participated in the competition  with the respected judges



Toastmaster Club would like to thank everyone for the support and participation !