Back to School 2018

According to Borneo Post dated May 2017, there were nearly 20,000 dropouts every year nationally  in the transition from Year 6 to Form 1. It is between the ages of 11 and 12, and then within the subsequent years in secondary schooling. Poverty is more commonly known as one of the major factors, while the temptation to enter the labour force is also another most common factor. This is due to the hardship the family is facing, hence dropping out from school at a very early age.


These students have lack of interest in school that leads to their poor performance academically. If we can give these children their basic need in school, this will motivate them to study and be better. They will be less likely to drop out of school. Harwood took the initiative to help these students by introducing Back to School Project 2018. This project is catered to help poor and underprivileged students in school. This year, we get to help 15 students from SK Kampung Melayu Samarahan.



By collecting donation from Harwood Timber, Harwood staff and the public we managed to buy school supplies for all 15 students. School bags, shoes, uniforms and stationeries are included. We hope that this project will continue in the future in order to help more students in the rural areas.